codes for creativity

A creative-processes-oriented inquiry into designing interactive products powered by generative systems

Mater's thesis written by Caio Barrocal. It was submitted to the Design Program of the School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU) in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Design at the University of São Paulo.

code, shape and meaning

Written as an undergraduate thesis to obtain the bachelor in computer science, this work seeks to investigate and also to present the art-technology field and, more specifically, computer art; its common tools, history, motivations and also the people whose life events and experiments contributed a lot for its establishment. Undergraduate thesis produced under the supervision of Dr. Daniela Kutschat Hanns.

Designing 'experience'

A study — and a design framework, on the human-product experiences we design.

Article featured in UX Planet

in Portuguese:

Entendendo "experiência"

Um estudo minucioso — com framework de aplicação, sobre as experiências humano-produto que projetamos.

Article featured in UX Collective Brasil.

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